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10 Things I'm thankful for this Christmas! Part 2 of 2

#6 Kent District Library - Englehardt/Lowell Branch and reading! It is wonderful to have such an amazing resource right in our town. My girls absolutely love to go to the library and scour the shelves looking for the perfect book to read at home. And now my oldest, Piper, is starting to read on her own and I can't wait for that to happen because there is nothing that she won't be able to learn and explore through books!

#7 I am very thankful for the great teachers we have at Lowell Area Schools. My girls have Mrs Jessica Kissinger and Mrs. Angie Christians this year. They love school and it is because of their passion and dedication. Thanks for unlocking the world for my girls! I can't thank you enough.

#8 I'm raising 3 amazing girls. I'm thankful for the women in our community who have shattered glass ceilings and lived with bravery and daring, paving paths for my three adventurous girls. Whether they started a business, lead organizations, take stands, or lead life to the absolute fullest, Thank You! Here are a few, but there are countless others, and many more that will go ahead of my girls! Deb Canfield, Liz Baker, Bonnie Lent-Davis, Dawn Broene, Erin Walters, Amy Bell, Verlee A McCracken, Teresa Beachum ... and many more!

#9 Here is to friendship and wonderful friends! They stay with you when all others exit your story. I'm thankful for countless friends and relationships that I have been blessed to have!

#10 I'm thankful for my Mrs Claus! My smart and elegant bride. Everything is better with her by my side. Life has color and a smile. Merry Christmas Leslie McCracken! And Merry Christmas to everyone! May your Christmas season be full of blessings and thankfulness!

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