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The #1 Thing Home Owners Need To Know About Grand Rapids In 2018

The Grand Rapids real estate market is poised for another great year. Smart homeowners like you are ensuring you know everything you can about how you are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growth all homeowners in West Michigan are experiencing. According to Trulia, Grand Rapids was identified as the #1 Housing Market to Watch in 2018. They looked at a few key metrics; strong job growth over the past year, low vacancy rates, high starter-home affordability, more inbound than outbound home searches on Trulia and a large share of people under age 35 in the population as a measure of prospective first-time home buyers. Grand Rapids consistently had some of the best scores, as we already knew, but this momentum has sustained and is creating incredible potential for 2018 and the years to come.

What does this mean for you, a savvy West Michigan home owner? Well, great news, actually. There is currently, still, a shortage of houses listed for sale in the Grand Rapids area. Most agents right now have 4x as many buyers as they have listings. This has created great opportunities for my sellers, who have

been able to get top dollar and in many instances, multiple offers for their house. It may feel risky as a homeowner to sell your home and feel like you have no where to go, but this is where a skilled realtor is your best tool. It has been my mission to make sure none of my clients have had to settle as they have chosen and found their next home. Knocking on doors of unlisted homes, connecting with my network of real estate agents to see and buy houses before they hit the market, and writing in longer possession times and even the option to rent your own home after closing, are all different methods I have successfully employed to make sure my clients find their dream home.

As homeowners in West Michigan, you are in the position of power. People want your home. With an expert Realtor marketing and negotiating on your behalf, you will be one of the local success stories of selling when the time was right, and upgrading to your dream home smoothly - even while the market is booming.

If you find yourself resonating with the idea that you would love to sell if only you had a place to go, then reach out and allow me to help unpack the strategies that we can employ so you can sell your house and have plenty of time to find the next dream home.

Here is a video explaining how to sell and have up to 4 months to move.

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