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Not all listings are created the same!

But I believe that every client at every price point deserves the same level of service and marketing.

If you are contemplating selling, reach out to me and I will be there every step of the way. Here are some things I do to make your home stand out.

Stand out over the competition

The first step is to prepare your property to make an amazing first impression to your targeted buyers. My marketing team will analyze all aspects of your property and develop a marketing plan tailored to your house. We don’t skimp on this. A professional, well-crafted marketing plan and ad campaign can attract buyers while a poorly designed and executed one can turn buyers off to your property. Our job is to get as many people exposed to the home in a short amount of time to maximize your return. We create narratives that are seamless and enticing, so people will have to get out and see the house.

Expose to millions of potential buyers

Once your property is ready for the market, we focus on your potential buyers. The internet is nowadays the most important marketing environment for Real Estate, and that is why we have a strong online presence. Through the internet we are able to create a presence on over a dozen real estate sites including, Zillow, Trulia,, as well as local sites specific to Grand Rapids. We also use Facebook to specifically target buyers for your home.

Reach thousands of realtors

Besides exposing to millions of potential buyers inside and outside America, it is also important to expose your property to the Top Realtors in Grand Rapids. At Greenridge we have a strong relationship with the market and top realtors to make sure your property gets coverage right away. On top of that, we have an internal network of over 400 agents. That means the sale of your property will also be worked by thousands of other realtors, who most probably have potential clients on their list.

Joshua McCracken


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