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Top 3 ways to increase the value of your home during winter.

How are you? How is your winter season going? My family and I are doing our best to make the best of the cold weather by building fires in our fireplace, sledding in our backyard, creating forts out of cardboard boxes, and playing board games/puzzles as a way to connect while the weather is frigid.

I often view winter as my pre-gaming season. Typically, my summer’s are incredibly busy as I help dozens of clients buy and sell their homes. During winter months, though, the pace of the real estate market slows down, which gives me time to focus on growing as an agent, network with other members of the industry to ensure I’ve positioned myself well in the community for my clients, and reading books to build my skills as a communicator, negotiator, and realtor. Anyone considering preparing their home to sell this year should also be viewing these dormant months as the perfect time to prepare their home to sell. Even if you aren’t quite ready to sell, it’s common to look around your house and wonder what changes you might need to make in order to be ready to sell if your Dream Home suddenly popped up on the market. So, here are my top 3 suggestions for tasks you can tackle to make sure your home is ready to sell.


2. De-clutter. One of the best things you can do to help your home “show” well is to de-clutter. Get rid of any piles. Empty out your closets. Donate as much of it as you can to a local non-profit or thrift store. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, check out world renowned organizer and de-clutterer Marie Kondo’s Netflix special called “Tidying Up”

3. Consult with a Realtor about any improvement projects. Not all home-improvement projects have the same return when you are preparing to sell your home. For example, kitchens traditionally sell homes. As the heart of the home, a cozy, inviting, on-trend kitchen has a massive appeal to buyers. So if you have a specific budget to spend, make it count by consulting a professional who can speak to the current market climate and desires of buyers."

"We cannot say enough kind words about Josh. He has sold a few homes for us and is currently helping us with looking for a new house. His kindness and professionalism are beyond compare. Josh has also been incredibly patient with our 4 billion questions. There are no thanks big enough for his help."

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